Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

3 Weird And Wacky Funeral Requests

Tanya Carter

For many people, funerals are a time of solemn and somber grief. But for those individuals who had a sense of humor in life, honoring their death without a bit of humor might seem odd. Here are three examples of people who chose to say goodbye to their loved ones in weird and wacky ways.

1. Ready For Another Round

When 23-year-old boxer Christopher Rivera Amaro was gunned down, his loved ones knew that they wanted to honor his memory in a strange and unusual way. In a tribute to Christopher's love for boxing, a makeshift ring was built in preparation for his wake.

Coordinating with the funeral home, Christopher's family had his embalmed body propped in the corner of the ring. Although it might seem like a strange request, honoring the deceased in this manner helped those he left behind celebrate the passionate life he had led. 

2. Highway To Heaven

It is often those things that we are passionate about that help to memorialize us in death. For 82-year-old Billy Standley, death couldn't separate him from the machine that brought him so much joy in life. Prior to his death, Billy and his trusted 1967 Electra Glide Harley Davidson motorcycle had traveled every state in the union.

To honor his lifestyle, Billy wanted to be buried atop the bike that had served as his trusted partner for so many years. Encased in a plexiglass box built by Standley and his two sons, the biker's final wishes were fulfilled. In one of the most quirky funerals to date, Billy Standley (and his classic Harley) was laid to rest amid family and a host of biker friends.

3. Going Ho-Ho-Home

If Christmas plays an important role in helping you build memories with your loved ones, you have the option of enjoying one last holiday after you pass. A funeral home in Dallas, Texas didn't view death in the traditional somber way when they helped plan a Christmas-themed funeral for a man who had a passion for the holiday season.

The funeral was complete with dancing reindeer, twinkling lights, and even a coffin on a sleigh. It just goes to show the wonder of Christmas can survive even the death of the most enthusiastic holiday fan.

Hearing about some of the weird and wacky funerals that have been conducted in the past will allow you to think outside the box when it comes to planning your own, or a loved one's, funeral in the future. Don't be afraid to buck tradition by hosting an unusual funeral of your own. Talk to a professional like Serenity burial service Edmonton for assistance.


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