Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Funeral Service – How Restorative Procedures Can Improve Appearance After Disfigurement

Tanya Carter

Funerals bring people together to say goodbye to their deceased loved ones. Unfortunately, disfiguring injuries can occur from a variety of fatal incidents. When this occurs, you must decide whether to allow others to view the body.

It helps to understand that your deceased loved one was loved by many and these people want closure. You should talk to your funeral director about any concerns. Your funeral director can help with the planning of the viewing. Read on to find out how restorative procedures can improve appearance after disfigurement.  

What Is The Purpose Of Embalming?

The embalming process slows down decomposition, which allows you to plan the funeral service. Embalming uses chemicals to treat a deceased body. It decreases the presence of microorganisms and prevents it from growing to restore the body to an acceptable appearance. When severe disfigurement occurs, you should ask your funeral director about restorative procedures.

What Are Restorative Procedures?

An embalmer works similar to a plastic surgeon when a body is disfigured. To make the body acceptable and identifiable, he or she may have to perform a variety of restorative procedures. For example, your embalmer may have to reconstruct body parts.

Your embalmer can use a variety of substances for reconstruction. These substances may include plaster of Paris, clay, cotton, and wax. Plaster of Paris is a plaster that is made from water and white powder. It is the same substance used for body casts and it dries quickly. These substances are used for molding a body part to make it look better.

Stitching Up The Face To Hide Disfigurements

The face is the first thing that your guests notice when viewing a deceased loved one. A funeral director will perform a variety of procedures to make the face look natural. He or she will make cuts, incisions or stitch up parts of the face to cover up wounds.

If part of the face is deflated, then your funeral director will administer hypodermic injections. A hypodermic injection is when a medication is injected into subcutaneous tissues. It is injected into the parts of the face that are pushed in to remove the dent in the face. Makeup can also be applied to make your deceased loved one look as natural as possible.

If you have some concerns or want your loved one to look a certain way, then you should voice them to the funeral director. Your funeral director is there to support your family through an emotional time. If the disfigurement is very severe, then you may want to consider a closed casket service. Talk with a company like Parsippany Funeral Home Inc for more information.


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