Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Find Out Why The Material Of A Headstone Is A Big Deal

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Choosing a headstone for a deceased loved one may look like a simple task, but the reality is different. For example, you have to put your thought into it to ensure that you end up with the right headstone material. If you are wondering why the material is such a big deal, know that it will affect the following aspects of your headstone:

The Size of the Lettering

Inscribing small letters or closely-spaced letters on a soft stone isn't easy. The risk of chipping, which leads to wastage and high costs, increases with the decrease in the spacing between the letters. Therefore, if you want to write a lengthy inscription for your loved one (meaning the letters will be small and closely packed), you are better off using a hard material that won't crumble or chip easily even under the most delicate work.

The Color of the Lettering

Some headstone materials come in specific colors. As you know, the color of the headstone determines the color of the lettering. For example, you can't have red lettering on a maroon background; nobody will be able to read the inscription. Therefore, if your loved one loved pink and that is what you want to use on the headstone, choose a material where pink lettering will be visible.

The Visibility of the Lettering

The visibility of the lettering is affected by the visual texture of the headstone. A rough texture, for example, doesn't work well for small or closely packed letters; the lettering won't be visible. Therefore, if you have a lengthy inscription or just want small letters for the headstone, you need a smooth headstone for the job.

Location of the Grave

The location of the grave determines the strength of the weathering forces the headstone will be experiencing. Therefore, choose a headstone that will be able to withstand the weathering forces native to the location of the grave. For example, if the area experiences a lot of rainfall, then you should choose a headstone material that can withstand the weathering effects of the rain for many years. This is why a porous material makes a good headstone for a dry and windy (the wind will help dry and maintain the headstone) area but not for a damp area.

As you can see, choosing a headstone isn't a job you should delegate and neither should you opt for "whatever is available." You don't want a white headstone to be delivered only to realize that your loved one would have loved a white lettering on their headstone. For more information, contact companies like Maurice Moore Memorials.


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