Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Suit-Related Considerations For Attending A Funeral Service

Tanya Carter

If you're a male who needs to attend a funeral service, it's likely that you'll wear a suit. Doing so is an appropriate way to dress for this occasion and shows respect for the grieving family members. If you're not the type of person who wears a suit regularly, it's useful to give some thought to this situation — especially if you own just one suit. The last thing you want on the morning of the funeral service is to reach for the suit and realize that there are some factors that prevent you from wearing it, thus leaving you in a predicament. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Weight Gain

Perhaps you own a suit but haven't worn it in years, given that you might only wear it to weddings and funeral services. You should think about your current weight versus your weight when you bought the suit. Have you gained weight to the point that you've replaced some of your attire with larger items? If so, it's possible that the suit won't fit properly. This could mean that you have to squeeze into the suit and that you wouldn't be comfortable — and potentially risk tearing the pants when you sit down at the funeral home — or that you cannot get into the suit at all. If you've gained weight, it's worthwhile to try on the suit periodically to ensure that it still fits.

Dust Buildup

If your suit has been hanging in the closet for a long period of time, it might be extremely dusty. This is a concern because dust is highly visible on the dark suit, and the textured nature of the fabric on many suits means that you'll have trouble simply trying to brush the dust away. Pull out your suit to assess this issue. If it's dusty, get the suit dry cleaned and then store it in a garment bag. Doing so will keep the bulk of the dust off it, making it presentable when you need it for a funeral.

Wrinkles Or Stains

Most people don't get their suits dry cleaned after each use, which means that you likely hang the suit back up after wearing it. It doesn't hurt to pull out the garment and check its condition. For example, if you spilled some food on it but didn't notice, you don't want to get it out before the funeral and notice that it's dirty. Similarly, if it's jammed into your closet with other garments, it may be wrinkled — and again, leave you unable to wear it. Get the suit dry cleaned if these issues are prevalent, and then hang it where it can sit straight and avoid getting wrinkled until you need to wear it to a funeral service.


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