Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Objects That Are Removed After Cremation

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When someone is cremated, his or her family will often be asked to remove certain items before employees from the funeral home or crematorium arrive to pick up the body. Eyeglasses, jewelry, and even hearing aids can be taken off the body at this time. Some people have different objects inside their bodies that obviously cannot be collected immediately after death. Instead, an employee from the crematorium will separate these objects from the cremated remains after the cremation process. This means that when you pick up an urn of the remains, it's only the remains that are present. Here are some objects that will be removed:

Artificial Joints

Whether the person who has passed away has an artificial knee, hip, or even shoulder joint, this durable hardware will not break down during the cremation process. When cremation is complete, the crematorium employee handling this process will remove these joints. He or she will then discard or recycle them accordingly, and load the cremated remains into an urn that you'll later pick up or have delivered to your home.

Metal Hardware

If the person who has passed away suffered broken bones at any point in life, his or her doctor may have needed to use screws, pins, and/or other metal hardware to restore the integrity of the broken bone. For example, in a major break of the forearm, the bone may not heal naturally. This means that the medical team will often affix one section of the bone to the other with the help of metal hardware. These items will be removed, often with the help of a heavy magnet so as to not miss anything, before the remains are placed in the urn. This process saves the potential of you hearing a piece of metal hardware rattling around inside the urn when you move it, which is an unsettling feeling.

Dental Fillings

Another object that will be removed before you receive the run that holds the cremated remains are dental fillings. If the deceased individual had this type of dental work — or had dental implants or other procedures in which metal was implanted into the mouth — these pieces will be collected after the body has been cremated. You'll appreciate each of these items being removed, especially if you're going to scatter the cremated remains. This ensures that when you open the urn and shake it out, an ash-like substance is all that is in the urn.

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