Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Arrange For A Food Truck To Provide Refreshments For Your Funeral Guests

Tanya Carter

When planning their funerals, many people stipulate that they wish to provide refreshments for those who attend. There are several ways to execute this idea, including having your funeral home offer sandwiches and drinks or perhaps even a full sit-down meal in a dining area in the building. However, smaller funeral homes may not have such services available, which will compel you to make alternate arrangements. One creative idea is to have a food truck arrive on the scene to provide refreshments for those at the funeral. Here are some considerations for this idea.

Pick Suitable Fare

As you think about the different food trucks that serve the area and evaluate which one you want to hire for the occasion, you should give some thought to the type of fare that each food truck serves. Keep in mind that people of all ages, from children to senior citizens, will likely be in attendance at your funeral. This means that the food truck's fare should be easy to eat, especially if people will be doing so while standing outside the funeral home. Additionally, it's a good idea to select a food truck with not only a selection of food, but also food that isn't extreme — a chicken wing vendor that advertises the hottest wings in the city, for example, is likely a poor choice.

Consider Covering The Cost

It can be a kind and generous gesture to cover the cost of the food truck. Arrange with a family member for the food truck to bill your estate at the end of the day, and your family member who is taking care of your affairs can pay the bill. This approach isn't just generous, but can also be appropriate, given that funeral attendees don't usually have to pay for refreshments after the service. Those who are remembering you at the funeral will enjoy a smile as they appreciate your thoughtfulness in this regard.

Think About A Surprise

If you want your funeral service to be more of a celebration of life than a somber ceremony, it can be fun to consider an uplifting surprise in the form of another food truck. When your main food truck has served drinks and food for the funeral attendees, have an ice cream or dessert food truck pull up afterward. This is another thoughtful idea, and if you're someone who is always thinking about ways to make people happy, this is an idea that is truly reflective of who you are.


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