Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Keep It Together: Preventing Cremain Spills

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Cremation is an affordable alternative to holding a burial, and it conserves open space. But for those who hang onto the remains of a deceased loved one, there is a problem lurking in the background: the risk of dropping the urn, breaking it open, and spilling the remains. It sounds like a joke, but it can happen. You know you have to handle cremation urns carefully, but that isn't enough. The urn needs more protection.

To Disguise or Not

Did you know you can get urns that are disguised as different objects? Rows of books, footballs, and more are possible shapes for urns. These can be really nice ways to pay tribute to an intense interest of the deceased's, but they can also give visitors the wrong impression. Someone who is unaware that the neat football trophy is also an urn could pick it up, manhandle it, and damage it. And before you ask, "Who does that?" -- a lot of people who don't realize they're handling a cremation urn do it.

You can also get urns that are combination vases. In other words, a well-meaning soul might remove some dead flowers and decide to put the "vase" in another location where they think it looks better.

If you do choose to disguise the urn or use an urn that could be mistaken for something else, label it.

Hanging on by More Than One Thread

Cremation urns generally have locks or secure closures that look like screw threads; a few have lids that are held in by screws. These are generally good, but keep in mind that threaded closures can gradually loosen. In addition to regularly inspecting the urn and tightening the lid, you should also look for an urn that either uses several screws, a lock, or a threaded closure that requires several turns to unscrew the lid. If you have just one, the lid could loosen too much before you know it.

In the Bag, Literally

Cremains generally arrive from a crematorium in a bag or small box. When you place cremains in an urn, you have the option to pour them from the bag or box into the urn, or, if the original container fits, you could simply place the bag or box in the urn. That second option is likely safer as it would give the ashes an additional protective layer should something happen to the outer urn.

Chances are nothing will happen to the urn if you're simply careful with it. But on the off-chance something does happen, you want as much extra protection as you can. To learn more, contact a cremation service like American Cremation Society (Ridgemoor Chapels)


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