Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

3 Appropriate Cremation Urns For The Departed Patriot In Your Life

Tanya Carter

When you're choosing an urn that will hold the cremated remains of a family member, it's important to think about how this person lived his or her life. While you can always buy a plain urn, there are lots of options for urns that reflect a certain theme, and this can often be a good choice. If you plan to display the urn in your home, having it look a certain way can make this simple receptacle have more meaning to you and your loved ones. For someone who lived his or her life as a patriot, even if the person didn't serve in the military, here are three appropriate cremation urn designs to consider.

1. Stars And Stripes

Most urn retailers will offer one or more urns displaying the stars and stripes of the United States flag. Some urns with this design are bold — for example, the entire urn may appear as though it's wrapped in a flag and use bright colors. In other cases, the design will be subtle. The urn itself could be conventional looking, but with a subtle trim of stars, or a simple flag somewhere on the side or lid. If your deceased loved one was a true patriot, any of these designs can be appropriate.

2. Eagle

The eagle is another symbol of patriotism, and you won't have to look far to find a cremation urn that makes use of this bird. The designs that feature the eagle can also vary considerably. In some cases, you may find an urn that has a three-dimensional eagle component on the exterior — often positioned in a way so that it's wrapping its wings around the urn itself. A pewter urn may have an eagle engraved into the exterior of the urn, while you may also find other urns that have eagles painted on them.

3. Military Branch

There are few better ways of displaying one's patriotism after serving in a branch of the military than with a cremation urn that has that branch's logo on it. You can find cremation urns designed for members of each of the branches of the armed forces, and even if you've decided not to have a traditional veteran's funeral for your deceased loved one, this type of urn can be appropriate. When you shop for an urn, simply share that you're looking for a patriotic theme, and the salesperson can help you to find the best model that suits you.

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