Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Why Are More People Choosing Cremation Over Burial?

Tanya Carter

Not too long ago, burials were the norm after the passing of a family member or a friend. Although burials are still quite common, a lot more people are choosing to be cremated nowadays. Many ensure that this request is even included in their last will and testament.

Yes, the lower cost of being cremated may seem attractive, but there are other forces at play that are making this option a lot more attractive to people.

Changes in Belief Systems

The practice of burying the dead mostly stems from religious demands with various religions, like Catholicism, opposing other options in the past. However, a lot has changed in religious landscapes since then. People are embracing new religions while others are no longer affiliating themselves with any specific religion or faith.

Because of these changes, people are adopting new traditions for dealing with bodies after death and in many cases, people pick to be cremated rather than buried. Many religions have also relaxed their stance towards this practice.

Environmental Concerns

Being cremated is widely seen as an eco-friendly alternative to a burial and according to the Funeral Consumers Alliance, this is the 2nd most common reason why people opt to be cremated rather than buried. Burials are resource intensive since they require a piece of land to be set aside for the purpose.

Land used for burials will likely never be used for any other purpose again in the foreseeable future. In a time when dwindling resources are becoming a source of worry, this is a major problem.

Flexible Planning

With burials, everything needs to be done within a certain time period. Sometimes this doesn't allow all the family members to be present since others may be in far-off places. Cremations don't have this time constraint. This means that families can take the time to make the funeral arrangements at a pace that's comfortable for everyone.

It Allows for Customization

Cremation services allow for a lot of customization with regards to what happens to the remains of the deceased. Some have had their remains kept in a special urn that was designed just for them while others have had their ashes sprinkled from the top of mountains.

A rising trend is for the remains of the deceased to be converted into custom jewelry including diamonds. This kind of customization is making this practice quite popular as people try to find unique ways to honor and remember their loved ones.


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Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

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