Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Are You Planning A Graveside Service For Somebody You Love?

Tanya Carter

Prior to his or her passing away, did the person you love state that he or she wanted only a graveside service? Perhaps he or she wanted only those who were closest to him or to her to attend the graveside service. Whatever the reason that you are in charge of planning a graveside service for somebody you love dearly, from selecting a laser etching monument to commemorate your loved one's resting place to arranging for a simple graveside service, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something meaningful. 

A Laser Etched Monument - Even before the graveside service, consider selecting a laser etched monument that will be placed at your loved one's burial site. Think of what he or she would have selected for himself or herself. For example, would he or she want a particular scripture as part of the design of the laser etched monument? Perhaps he or she would want to be remembered with a favorite quote or with words that you yourself would write.

For instance, you might select words like Nobody Could Have Lived A More Beautiful Life or The Precious Memories Will Linger On As A Legacy. Besides the deceased person's birth and death dates, even his or her likeness can be part of the laser etched monument design. Whether it's a recent photograph or one from your loved one's youth, a laser can capture a very real likeness.

The Graveside Service - Because the graveside service will be attended only by those who were closest to the person you loved, perhaps it would be appropriate for each person to be invited to say a few words. Encourage those in attendance to share personal memories of times spent with the deceased person. Don't be surprised if even funny stories are related. If you are more comfortable selecting somebody specific, to speak, think of asking one or two people to speak. 

Perhaps you want to share a message, but you are afraid that your sadness will make you break down in tears. If that's the case, consider writing your words down before the graveside funeral service and asking somebody to read the message in case you aren't able to at the time of the funeral. Will you want music at the graveside service? Will somebody in attendance be able to play something like the guitar or the violin? If so, think of asking that individual to play the deceased's favorite hymn or a favorite song. 


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Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

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