Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Benefits Of Having A Funeral Service At The Funeral Home

Tanya Carter

When someone you love passes away, there are a lot of decisions you need to make. One of the biggest decisions is where to hold the funeral. If the loved one did not leave instructions specifying that they want their service held at a certain place, then this decision will fall to you. While you could hold the funeral graveside at the cemetery or in a religious building, the best option is often to hold the funeral at a funeral home. Here are some benefits of taking this approach.

1. You can hold the viewing and funeral one after the other.

Most people hold a viewing at the funeral home. If you also hold the funeral service at this location, it is easy to schedule the two events back-to-back. While some may feel like this is too much all at once, it is also more convenient for anyone coming from out of town. It can also help save on costs since the funeral home can use the same flowers and decorations for the viewing and for the funeral. Some people may only come to the viewing, others may only come to the service, but everyone will have options.

2. All will feel welcome.

If the deceased was very religious, then having the funeral at their place of worship is a noble choice. However, if your loved one was not overly religious, having the funeral at a place of worship could make it feel less welcoming to outsiders who don't subscribe to the same religious beliefs. Think about who will be attending the funeral. If the guest list in your mind includes people of many different religious beliefs and affiliations, then having the funeral at a funeral home is a good way to make sure everyone feels equally welcome and included.

3. The funeral won't be affected by weather.

If you were to hold the funeral service outside by the cemetery, you might have nice weather, but you also might not. Heavy rains or a wind storm on the day of the funeral could ruin this experience that you only get to have once. If you instead decide to have the funeral inside a funeral home, then you'll have shelter from whatever weather decides to roll through.

Funeral homes are a suitable place to hold a funeral service for many reasons. Be sure to contact a local funeral home to learn more. 


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