Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

What Funeral Services Should You Consider For Your Green Funeral

Tanya Carter

More and more people are considering going green when they have a funeral, either for themselves or for a loved one. To go green means to have a lower impact on the environment and to overall produce less waste. For example, forgoing a more traditional funeral where a casket is buried six feet underground — which is standard — to be buried in a more special, green, and earth-friendly fashion is just one of the things you can do to go green for a funeral.

Your funeral director likely knows of many green options for funeral services and burial, and is happy to share them with you should you be interested. Here are some funeral services you can consider for your green funeral or for a more green funeral for someone you love.

Consider a biodegradable casket 

Instead of being embalmed and then placed in a traditional casket made of concrete, wood, or other materials, consider becoming one with the earth by being buried in a biodegradable coffin. If you choose to be cremated, you can even choose an urn that is biodegradable so you can be planted after death near a tree or in a garden or other approved place of your choosing.

The point of going biodegradable is this: you impact the earth less and create one less cavity in the earth that cannot be renewed or used in a new fashion. As your body naturally decomposes — whether you choose a more traditional burial or not — you can become one with nature by becoming part of the soil and earth that grows new life, long after you have been buried.

Consider a shallow grave

Approved green cemeteries have shallower graves that allow the people buried in these graves to be more readily decomposed and brought back to nature. These shallow graves also create less of an environmental impact. Your grave marker can be a tree or other plant life rather than a more traditional granite or marble place marker so your family can honor and respect your burial site for years to come, knowing you were buried in a fashion you desired to keep your impact on the environment as small as possible.

You or a loved one can do more for the environment after passing than you think. Green funeral services are a possibility worth considering if you want to make a minimal impact on the planet after passing, and are a unique option to consider as well.


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