Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Finding The Best Urn And Casket Options

Think About Using A Flat Grave Marker

Tanya Carter

When you have to decide what kind of grave marker you need to place on a loved one's grave, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by all the choices out there. It can be really confusing and you can have a hard time knowing what will work best. One of the options that you have is a flat grave marker. 

Flat Grave Markers

These markers are flat with a low profile. They may not be completely flat on the ground, but they aren't going to be much higher. Generally, the height of the marker is no higher than the height of the grass around it. If the marker were completely flush with the ground, it would be too hard to see, and it could get covered up too easily. That little bit of height to bring the marker level with the grass height makes it easy for it to be seen and won't get covered with dirt as easily. There are several reasons why you may want to or have to go with a flat grave marker. 

Cemetery Rules

One reason is that the cemetery where your loved one is buried requires that you use a flat grave marker. One reason for that is that it is easier for a groundskeeper to take care of the grounds if there are flat grave markers than if there are raised markers. Instead of having to go around each marker with a string trimmer or an edger to groom the grounds, the groundskeeper is going to be able to just continuously run the mower over the entire cemetery without having to slow down or stop to weave around raised markers. It will be quicker for the groundskeeper and end up with a better result overall. 


A flat marker is generally going to be less expensive than a raised marker is going to be. Part of that is because it is going to take less material to make a flat marker than it is going to make a raised marker. It is also a little easier to install a flat marker than it is to install a raised marker. 

If you need to find a grave marker for your loved one, there are a lot of choices out there. One of them is a flat grave marker. Talk to the company where you are buying the marker from to see what they would suggest and what your options are.  

For more info, contact a funeral home to discuss flat grave markers


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